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EL Y10 Full Screen All Rounder Smartphone

Let’s take a look at the  EL Y10 , which could quite possibly be the best looking budget phone you’ve ever seen. It’s perfect for the light Android user who spends most of their time on social media, email, video and web browsing. Gamers-beware, there are better options for you! Next let’s have a detail view about  EL Y10 full screen all rounder smartphone ! Display & Design Starting off with the display, the EL Y10 comes with a 5.7 inch 18:9 full screen IPS display with a resolution of 960×480 which bring you ultra wide aspect ratio, super clear and wide viewing angle.  By slimming down all the bezels, we created a 5.7 inch phone with a handfeel of a 5.2-incher. You will love that handfeel. The Y10 is a true show stopper, It is bright, vibrant and color-accurate, and the brightness is good if you don’t take it into direct sunlight. Build quality is what we’ve come to expect from EL Mobile . Pretty damn good! While it doesn’t hold up the iPhone standards, it doesn’t crea

EL Y50 4-Core 4G Android Go Mobile Smartphone

In the end of 2018,  EL Mobile  released the new  4-Core 4G Android Go Smartphone ,  EL Y50 . So, what makes the EL Y50 stand out from the crowd? For starters, its has a beautiful design which come with uses a sleek metal back design to add to the premium hand-feel. It’s also one of the only super-budget smartphones to feature 4-Core CPU, 4G network and , Android Go. Which I’ll review in detail later on. Other highlights include AGC Glass protection, a selfie flash and a fingerprint reader. So let’s take a look at the EL Y50 in this full hands-on review looking at Design, Build Quality, Performance, Connectivity & Battery Life. Design & Display EL Y50 uses a sleek metal back design to add to the premium hand-feel, the highlight of Y50. With its rounded curve, Y50 is a joy to hold, and behold.  Onto the display and we get a high brightness 5.0-inch display with RawColor technology, brings you a brighter and clearer visual experience. Using an 16:9 aspect ratio put

EL Y50 coming soon!

EL , the company with the slogan “ Enjoy Life ” and more than ten years of expertise in the mobile phone industry, has always put user experience first. At EL, software experience is considered as one of the most important aspects of user experience. No matter it is a flagship or lower-end phone, EL commits to every aspect of its software experience to deliver a fast and joyful experience. For example, the independently developed RawColor technology of EL adds icing to the EL phone’s screen and brings better color reproduction. SunBoost brightness enhancement technology is similar to “overclocking”, which makes the mobile phone break through the maximum brightness limit in a short time in order to improve visibility in bright conditions without affecting the lifespan of the screen; in addition, for the battery anxiety that is common to current smartphone users, EL adds carefully tuned battery optimization for its high-density and large-capacity lithium-ion batteries. It dynamically