Helping the global fight against the epidemic Yibin masks have a daily output exceeding 1 million

With the spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in many countries around the world, some countries are in urgent need of prevention and control materials, and a large number of masks are urgently needed.

On March 27th, 100,000 masks were loaded at Lingang, Yibin, Sichuan, and ready to be exported to Italy. Yibin has exported 1 million masks to help fight the epidemic worldwide
The masks exported from Yibin that day were produced by Chuan Yilong Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chuanyilong Company), a subsidiary of Yibin Intelligent Terminal Enterprise, Southwest Liansheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd. The company used to produce mobile phones. After the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia, according to market demand and the local government's call, it produced masks in time and exported 1 million masks, which were sent to Germany, Japan, Pakistan, Spain, Dubai, Barcelona, 100,000 each in Myanmar and Colombia, and 200,000 in Italy, played a very import…

In order to alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of medical masks, KXD Group introduced equipment to assist in production.

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, protective equipment such as masks have become a scarce supply, and the market has become more difficult to find. In recent times, with the gradual return to work and production in various places, the demand for epidemic prevention materials has increased sharply, and the shortage of masks has become an urgent matter. Although the production process of masks is not complicated, the inspection requirements for raw materials and finished masks are not low. The person in charge of Ken Xinda Group, who joined the mask production assistance program, said that medical masks belong to the second type of medical devices and are not only available to medical institutions. Ordinary people are more willing to buy medical masks, so they are very scarce.

Medical masks include medical ordinary masks, medical-surgical masks, and medical protective masks. Their protective capabilities range from low to high, and production difficulties vary. Medi…

EL mobile phone's ultra-popular water drop screen, the design is eye-catching, are you throb?

Today's mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our life, in order to capture the market faster and attract consumers, manufacturers will continue to introduce different models to attract consumers' attention. Then, the latest two water drop screens of the EL mobile phone brand are also very popular. The design of the water drop screen makes people feel very novel and curious, so in the latest two water drop screen models of the EL mobile phone, which one will make you feel throbbed? Let's first tell the origin of the water drop screen for everyone.
We all know that as time goes by, Liu Haiping's drawbacks are increasingly exposed. Many people think that Liu Haiping is very ugly and will cover a part of the content, which makes people feel aversion to Liu Haiping, so the water drop screen will follow. Come here. The water drop screen is not the material of the screen. It is a solution designed to solve the full screen. The main feature of the water drop scree…

Why is the high-value EL D58 worth buying?

Why do people choose a beautiful looking mobile phone when they buy a mobile phone? The first is because the mobile phone with excellent value is extremely attractive, giving people a bright, pleasing look, plus a smooth hardware configuration. Have a powerful and high-value mobile phone? If you are planning to buy a mobile phone with the same value, then the EL D58 is your best choice. First of all, in terms of face value, EL D58 adopts double glass design style, with super reinforced glass on both sides, which has anti-damage and scratch resistance. The frontal water droplets are full of agility and atmosphere. The sleek screen corner further enhances the screen ratio, and the 6.22-inch large-screen mobile phone screen has an 89% and 19:9 ultra-wide visual experience. The back of the fuselage has 10 layers of nanoscale optical coating, giving the glass a rich illusion layer and reflecting light and shadows from different angles. People want to have it as soon as they see it. Hardwa…

Two mobile phone brands under the EL mobile phone brand, another beauty of the full screen

As we all know, today's water drop screen is a full-screen evolution. It refers to the non-display area and the size of water droplets reserved for the camera at the top of the screen. Now more and more mobile phone manufacturers are joining the water-drop screen camp. The screen ratio is higher. Let's take a look at the two water-screen mobile phones under the EL mobile phone brand. Which one would you like?
First: EL D57
In terms of appearance, the EL D57 is equipped with a 5.71-inch IPS water-drop screen with a resolution of 480x1014. Its narrow side frame and chin also make the screen ratio as high as 89%. At the same time, the bucking of the protective material of the Asahi has also made the product's ability to resist falling a lot.
EL D57 equipped with MTK6580A processor, memory standard 1GB RAM + 16GB ROM, camera, front camera pixel up to 5 million, rear dual camera, the main camera pixel is 5 million, the sub-camera 300,000. It can be seen that the EL D57 mobile phon…

The EL brand has launched two new full-screen water-drop phones, each with its own features.

In the fiercely competitive mobile phone industry, various mobile phone brands are constantly introducing new products to meet the needs of different consumers. The new mobile phones launched by major mobile phone manufacturers are naturally better than their predecessors, and each mobile phone is also under development. According to its own positioning, it will adopt relatively advanced technology at the moment, so that the new machine that has just been launched will be integrated into the trend of the times. The EL brand mobile phone is no exception, and the two new phones launched this year are also keeping up with the trend of the times. Using the current popular waterdrop full-screen design, let’s take a look at the difference in EL mobile phones.
One is the EL D57, which uses a 5.71-inch full-screen waterdrop screen with a screen ratio of 89% and an ultra-wide 19:9 visual experience. It is equipped with a MTK6580A quad-core processor, 1GB of running memory, smooth running perf…

Water drop screen has become a trend EL D58 mobile phone look and feel upgrade

In the past two years, after experiencing a comprehensive screen reduction of 18:9, big notch screen has been gradually changed into a small notch screen. Until now, the water drop screen has begun to lead the trend, and it is sure to feel the pursuit of screens and users by users and manufacturers. It is a common goal to use every inch of space on the front side. Some users may not have such a demand. However, from the market point of view, the high screen ratio is still more popular with the mainstream user groups, and the perception is better. The water drop screen has also gained wider acceptance than notch screen , which is called a full-screen look. The EL mobile phone brand keeps pace with the times and is not far behind.
  The EL brand's mobile phone, at least in terms of value, seems to never need users to worry about it. This conclusion is once again confirmed on the EL D58. The design of the water drop screen is matched with the screen unlocking technology, which finds…

Another kind of beauty of the full screen, the most beautiful two water droplet screen mobile phones of the EL mobile phone

As we all know, the water drop screen is another evolution of the full screen. It refers to the non-display area and the size of the water droplets reserved for the camera at the top of the screen. At present, more and more mobile phone manufacturers are joining the camp of the water drop screen, and the water drop screen is more beautiful. The proportion is higher. After seeing the same notched screen, the water drop screen has become the new favorite of the market. From the point of view of perception, the water drop screen is indeed better than the notched screen. So what are the excellent water drop screens of the EL mobile phone?
First paragraph: EL D57
In terms of appearance, the EL D57 is equipped with a 5.7-inch FWVGA+ waterdrop screen with a resolution of 1014x480. Its narrow side frame and chin also make the screen ratio as high as 89%. At the same time, the bucking of the glass material of the Asahi also makes the anti-fall ability of this product a lot stronger. The EL D57 u…

The EL brand new machine D58 broke the news again, and the memory and screen have been greatly improved.

In 2019, the EL brand launched a number of new mobile phones. Over time, there have been more and more news about EL mobile phones on the Internet. Recently, EL D58 has new news, memory, screen, camera and other configurations. There is a big improvement. Let's take a look at what's new in this new phone.
First of all, from the appearance, EL D58 is still a popular full-screen design of water droplets, 6.22-inch screen, screen ratio of 89%, ultra-wide 19:9 visual experience, resolution of 1520 * 720, the screen in color accuracy The important parameters such as brightness, contrast and pixel density are outstanding, and the experience is clear and smooth. It delivers great performance, faster responsiveness, smoother sliders and smoother graphics.
In terms of configuration, the EL D58 is equipped with an efficient MTK6739 quad-core processor, the memory is upgraded to 2GB+16GB, the operation is faster and smoother, and the storage memory can be expanded to 128GB, which does not …

EL D58 water drop screen phone, excellent performance

In the past two years, EL mobile phones have been side by side with fashion. In particular, EL mobile phones have been pursuing youth and creativity in their products and positioning. Their series of mobile phones are spread all over the world. Recently, the drop-screen products released by EL mobile phones have performed well and have always been quite satisfactory in terms of price and shape. EL phone's EL D58 water drop screen mobile phone is the main cost-effective, long battery life.
Design First look at the screen, EL D58 is equipped with the mainstream water drop screen of EL in recent years, the front camera is cut from the water droplets that are about to fall from the lotus leaf, which is natural and bright. Screen size 6.22-inch screen with a resolution of 1520×720, both vividness and clarity, allowing the advantages of the full screen to be magnified again. In the game and viewing process, you can get a broader view, and also display more UI content, resulting in better …

Will the EL water drop screen become the fashion representative of the mobile phone screen?

As we all know, in the modern society of the mobile phone industry, the purchase of mobile phones is not only to consider its configuration, but also to watch its appearance, especially now that the comprehensive screen mobile phone is growing, there are many kinds of screen configurations, such as waterdrop screen.
  The water drop screen, also known as the water drop screen, is the name given to the top of the screen for the camera to retain the area and water droplets. The EL mobile phone used the water drop screen design for the first time this year. It can be said that before the water drop screen appeared, Liu Haiping occupied the full-screen market. After the water drop screen appeared, the full screen was divided into two.
  The water drop screen is the crowning touch of a vivid vision. It is a drop of water and a source of vitality. The top curve of the EL waterdrop screen is taken from the moment when the water drop is about to fall. It is between the motion and the static. …

The cost-effective mobile phone of EL brand, there is always a suitable for you.

Nowadays, people's lives have become increasingly inseparable from mobile phones. The dependence of users on mobile phones has in turn made mobile phones update faster and faster. Every year, the mobile phone market will have a large number of new mobile phones. These new mobile phones are not only more attractive in appearance, but also more functional. Today, the four mobile phones that EL introduced to you are new machines that have just been released this year, and they are very popular among consumers. These phones are very cost-effective in terms of configuration. Now let's take a look at the "unique" of these phones. On the screen, the EL D57 and EL D58 use a 5.7-inch full-screen design with a screen that accounts for 89% of the screen and an ultra-wide 18:9 visual experience that produces vibrant and realistic colors. The EL D62 and EL D63 use a full screen of 6.22 inches of water, the D62 screen accounts for 89%, and the D63 screen accounts for 89.25%. The scr…

Do you know what waterdrop screen phone the EL has? EL water drop screen mobile phone recommended

With the continuous development and advancement of technology, today's mobile phones have changed better in all aspects than before. Most mobile phones on the market can meet the needs of users, and mobile phone manufacturers add more attractive features to their products in order to make their products more competitive. As far as the screen of the EL mobile phone. In 2018, the screen of the mobile phone changed from a bangs screen at the beginning to a full screen, and then a waterdrop screen was introduced. The waterdrop screen is also called a full screen of water droplets. It is not a screen glass material. Instead, it is named after the shape and craft. It is a mobile phone display solution that is used right above the screen of the mobile phone for the pursuit of the ultimate frame. It is named because the top of the screen is the non-display area and water droplets reserved for the camera, and the shape is also like the water droplets that are about to fall. I have to say…

EL D63 Experience: Youth representatives with a reputation for strength and a flagship experience.

The EL brand recently released a new D63, which has conquered many young users with its high value, cost-effective and flagship experience. So why is EL D63 highly regarded by young people? How do you experience the main cost performance but not lose the flagship experience?I got the EL D63 experience for a while, and today  will talk to you about this new machine.     First of all, from the screen, it uses the current popular water-drop full-screen design, 6.22-inch large screen, screen ratio of 89.25%, ultra-wide 19:9 visual experience, resolution of 1520 * 720 pixels, vivid and realistic color, color accuracy is super high, the video is dark and contrasting, and the details are vivid. Using it to watch movies is a very good choice. Available in white and black, the double-glazed design features super reinforced glass on both sides for damage and scratch resistance, and its 2.5D edges are also aesthetically pleasing. More importantly, the back cover has 10 layers of nano-optical coati…

Don't worry about buying a mobile phone. At present, the four EL drop screen mobile phones that are worthy of the start .So are you using them?

Nowadays, after notched, the hottest thing is the water drop screen mobile phone. The water drop screen is also called the full screen of the water drop screen. It has been loved by everyone since it was released. It is much better than notched because it can further increase the screen ratio. When we use the phone, we have a better view and a better visual experience. Let's share with you the 4 most popular water-dropping mobile phones that are currently worthy of EL mobile phones. Are you using them?

The first EL D57 mobile phone comes standard with a 5.7-inch water drop screen, and the resolution is up to 1440×720 pixels. The appearance value is very charming, and the performance is 9nm process technology, MTK6580 processor. Battery, battery capacity up to 2520mAh, enough for us to use, it is worth mentioning that 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM storage space comes standard. The rear dual camera makes the EL D57 a better smart phone. For the low-end phones, the overall configuration of the EL…

In addition to iced watermelons in the hot summer, EL phones are also an essential artifact for the chasing party.

On such a sunny and hot day, it’s good to go out and play, but it has to bear the risk of being “tanning” and “hot death”. Occasionally, the right to run out is “exercise” but can lie comfortably at home. Look at the show that you always want to see but don't have time to watch, and then match half of the iced watermelon, this is the correct way to open the summer! However, when it comes to watching dramas, in addition to half an iced watermelon and a spoon, a mobile phone with a large screen, strong performance, long battery life and fast charging is the necessary hardware for the drama. A mobile phone with a high screen value makes people feel pleasing to the eye. Nowadays, mobile phoneson the market have their own advantages. However, the two mobile phones that EL wants to recommend to everyone today have the advantages of high value, strong strength and long life, and they are suitable for men and women. you. In terms of the screen, I want to talk about the EL brand's new lar…