This is the cheapest water drop screen mobile phone, EL D57 can also put it down.

The water drop screen is also considered to be one of the most mainstream designs in the mobile phone market. For example, the EL D57, EL D58, EL D62 and EL D63 released by EL phones this year are all designed with water drop screens. There are a lot of people who like the design of the water drop screen. Which mobile phone with the water drop screen design in the EL mobile phone is the cheapest? Some people may think that all of these mobiles are cheap, in fact, the cheapest one is the EL D57.
The main screen size of the EL D57 is 5.7 inches. It is equipped with a drip screen design screen, which accounts for an astonishing 89%. This is definitely a great advantage in the current mobile phone market. The cheapest drop screen phone! And on the back of the fuselage is a 2.5D curved surface design, the phone's face value is also very high, and the color is also available in a variety of colors.
In terms of configuration, the EL D57 is equipped with MediaTek's CPU, but does not sup…

EL mobile phone new drop screen on the line, telling you what a beautiful it is !

Today's smartphones are increasingly focusing on the design, trying to capture the hearts of consumers with a high-value appearance. Since the popularity of the full-screen, the mobile phone market has set off a comprehensive screen battle. At one time, a series of comprehensive screen solutions such as Liu Haiping, the beauty of the person, and the narrow forehead wide chin all came out. Not long ago, the EL mobile phone released several new water drop screen devices EL D57, EL D58, EL D62, EL D63, and once again let the new "drop screen" popular network. The design of the EL mobile phone drop screen is inspired by the combination of natural and elegant beauty and technology, which is different from the one-on-one rigid appearance of industrial cutting; the water drop screen is a vivid reflection of the beauty of the natural world. The drop of water is like a drop of water, which also symbolizes the source of innovation and vitality. The top curve of the water drop scree…

Screen ratio is 89% with +6.2 inches drop screen! EL new machine D62 mobile phone attack us.

This year, the EL mobile phone is really lively, and has announced several new water-drop screen devices EL D57, EL D58, EL D62, EL D63. When these four water-drop screen mobile phones were announced, the EL mobile phone was very thorough and directly Some of the core parameters of the phone have been released, as well as its shape.
Next, let's take a look at the EL D62's 89% screen ratio +6.2 inch drop screen new machine which has some appeal. From the official announcement details, the EL D62 is equipped with a 6.2-inch screen, supports three unlocking methods, the shape is a water drop screen, the screen ratio is up to 89%, and its chin control is still in place.
In addition, from the published color matching, the EL D62 mobile phone only has two color combinations, one is blue, and the other is red, the actual effect is very good, you can feel the EL  D62 real machine, rear vertical row Double shot, located in the upper left position of the fuselage.
In terms of configuration,…

EL new machine D63 listed, water droplet full screen beauty self-timer artifact, belle's favorite.

In this iterative, fast and innovative mobile phone industry,  various mobile phones are unveiled every year. In the past two years, with the different needs of consumers, various mobile phone concepts have become popular. Many mobile phone manufacturers have customized different concepts of mobile phones according to the consumer market, such as various self-timer mobile phones, game mobile phones, business phones, and more.
The reason why the smart phone industry can flourish is naturally the benign competition of major mobile phone manufacturers. Looking at the current mobile phone market, regardless of appearance, configuration, or function, it is full of tricks. Recently, the newly launched D63 of the EL mobile phone brand adopts the popular full-screen design of water droplets, 6.22 inches of giant water droplets full screen, screen and The proportion of the fuselage is 89.25%, and the entire surface looks like a rising sun above the horizon on the calm ocean, an infinite world. …

EL mobile phone,a masterpiece brand: The screen ratio of the water drop screen is of + 89.25%

EL mobile phones, in the current mobile phone market, can be described as a flourishing. This year, EL D57, EL D58, EL D62 and EL D63 four water drop screen mobile phones have been released overseas, each of which is a masterpiece. Among them, the EL D63 mobile phone is particularly prominent, and The screen ratio of the water drop screen is of + 89.25% , let's appreciate it together. The EL D63 phone uses the most popular water drop screen design. According to the data, the screen size of the phone is 6.22 inches, and the screen ratio is as high as 89.25%. With the rapid development of mobile phones, the front camera function of mobile phones is indispensable. From the word "scam", we can see how powerful the front camera function of mobile phones is. Some mobile phones have their own shooting technology and shooting functions that have surpassed most cameras and beauty apps. The front camera of this new EL D63 is a front-mounted single camera. Most mobile phones with wat…

What kind of full screen is the water drop screen released by the EL mobile phone?

Following the current full screen of the mobile phone market, Liuhai screen, unlimited screens, and beautiful screen, the EL mobile phone has adopted the “water drop screen” design, and many netizens don’t know much about the water drop screen. The following is through the water drop screen and Liuhai screen. The difference is contrasted and the understanding is easy to understand.
What does the water drop screen mean? According to the EL phone, the water drop screen is the crowning touch of a vivid vision. It is a drop of water and a source of vitality. The top curve of the EL mobile phone drop screen is taken from the moment when the water drop is about to fall. It is between the static and the static, for the possibility of wireless, instantly waking up the water drop screen and feeling the life dynamics on the screen. Generally speaking, the water drop screen is actually a full screen of water droplets. It is not a kind of screen glass material, but a kind of mobile phone display s…

The the water drop screen mobile phone is very unique, the two most popular full screen mobile phones for EL.

After seeing the previous notch screen in the past two years, the water drop screen has become the new favorite of the market. From the point of view of perception, the water drop screen is indeed better than notch screen, and the screen ratio is higher. So what are the excellent water drop screens of the EL mobile phone brand? In this year, EL mobile phones have released four water-dropping screen phones: EL D57, EL D58, EL D62, EL D63, among which EL D62 and EL D63 two water-drop full-screen mobile phones are worthy of purchase.
The front of the EL D62 phone is a 6.2-inch and the proportion is 19:9 drop screen with a resolution of 1520*720 and a screen ratio of 89%. In terms of configuration, EL D62 equipped with MTK6739 processor, with 2GB + 16GB storage combination, battery capacity up to 3000 mAh. The EL D62 mobile phone has a front-facing 5 million camera, which supports the beauty self-portrait and realizes the single-lens background blur function. The rear is a 5 million + 300,…

Now it is new trends, high-screen ratio EL D63 water drop screen mobile phone is popular

People’s pursuit of large-screen mobile phones is endless, but too large screens often have adverse effects on portability, so how to insert larger screens into the smallest possible size becomes a manufacturer’s A common pursuit, the resulting word for the screen, has naturally become the target of everyone’s pursuit. The competition in screen ratio has become more and more obvious in the past two years. Firstly, the proportion of the screen has changed. The screen that is too wide is not conducive to holding, so work on the length, and the screen of 18:9 or higher is gradually appearing. Since then, the iPhone has taken the lead in opening up the notch screen era. Today, the bangs have also become narrowed from wide to wide, and even the water-drop screen seems to be more acceptable to the public at this stage. Let’s take a look at the recent mobile phone EL. The most prominent EL D63 water drop screen machine in the water drop screen launched by the mobile phone brand. In terms of…

Water drop screen large field of vision, EL mobile phone new product water drop screen EL D62 experience

In today's era of the highest value of the face, it is not an exaggeration to say that "the value of the face can be described as the first productivity", for the EL mobile phone, the natural appearance of the body is full of effort. At first glance, after seeing the EL D62 real machine, it really makes people shine.
On the front of the fuselage, the EL D62 phone is equipped with a 6.2-inch smart water drop screen, which greatly reduces the "bang" blocking area at the top of the screen, bringing up to 89% of the screen. At the same time, the "water droplet"-like bangs' edge curve transitions naturally, and the overall aesthetics are also better than the conventional bangs.
On the back of the fuselage, the EL D62 phone brings us the most popular gradient design. In addition, the gradient color can show a different kind of brilliance from different angles, which is quite smart and elegant. At the same time, the EL D62 has a 3D micro-arc design on the …

From the water drop screen to the back light body, EL D58 mobile phone design can also be done

The industrial design of mobile phones is the soul of mass consumer goods. The outstanding design can bring consumers beautiful enjoyment and at the same time enhance the commercial value of mobile phones. At present, with the booming field of electronic consumption, the consumption upgrades and replacement tides brought by smart phones have made mobile phone manufacturers earn a lot of money. However, the big wave has a day to recede. Before the advent of the 5G era, the mobile phone market was in a short period of downturn. In order to stimulate consumers to change mobile, mobile phone ID design has become the primary condition for catching consumers' attention.
As the saying goes, "Wherever there are people, there is jianghu.", and in the jianghu, they can't avoid learning from each other. In fact, learning from each other and developing together is a common pattern in history. However, with the premise of restricting interaction with the screen, there are fewer an…

What about the water drop screen EL D57? Talk about my real experience

The EL D57 is a new mobile phone brand launched by the EL mobile phone brand this year. Compared withnotch screen's mobile phone, the personal feeling has taken a step forward in aesthetics. Let's talk about the evaluation of the use of this phone: Appearance and craftsmanship The shape of each mobile phone under the EL mobile phone has been studiedin great detail. The EL D57 has a natural beauty. The front camera position is designed with a drop-shaped design, giving a very harmonious movement. The 5.7-inch IPS full screen, due to the adoption of the industry's higher closed mode, makes the chin narrower, the overall screen ratio is as high as 89%, the visual effect is very good. Configuration The main factors determining the speed of a mobile phone include memory, storage, and processor. Because the mobile phone runs in addition to various calculations, it also constantly retrieves various files, memory size and file read/write speed. The impact is still very large, the most…

EL D62 this phone value burst table, water drop screen, light body!

Recently, EL mobile phones have received attention from everyone. In this year, several mobile phones released by EL mobile phone brands, water drop screen, light-sensing body is undoubtedly the biggest bright spot. These mobile phones released by EL are born for elegance. The luster is not dim, no doubt. Next, we will introduce the EL D62's large screen water drop screen mobile phone. Although the appearance of this phone is not much different from the EL D57 and EL D58, it is especially good with the EL D63 in terms of screen size.
The real full-screen era is coming, and Xiaobian has a soft spot for the drop screen. Even if Xiaobian himself is a critically ill person with obsessive-compulsive disorder, when she sees the drop screen of the EL D62 mobile phone, it is a shock from the heart. The EL mobile phone is so smart, giving the mobile phone vitality! On this 6.2-inch screen, the screen ratio is as high as 89%. Whether it is playing games or chasing dramas, opening the boundle…

EL mobile phone's current two cheapest water-drop screen phones, cost-effective

Since the birth of notch screen, domestic mobile phone manufacturers seem to have got inspiration, thinking of a full screen and a solution to the front of the earpiece. So there are more and more full-screen phones, and the proportion of mobile phones has become more and more strange from 4:3, 16:9. After a period of time, the consumer finally couldn’t get used to it. It’s ugly to look at the black bangs.

Later, in order to alleviate the aesthetic fatigue of consumers, the "drop screen" came into being. The water drop screen is not a screen material. Unlike OLED and amoled, he is a design process, and he is born to pursue the ultimate screen. Usually the drop screen area only retains one front camera, so it is different from notch screen. More like a drop of water, a better look also makes the screen display a larger range. This year, EL mobile phones have released four water-dropping mobile phones in succession, namely EL D57, EL D58, EL D62, EL D63. Two of these four mobile…

Water drop screen into a full-screen trend, EL D62 mobile phone is worth buying

Although the folding screen mobile phone became the focus of users at the MWC conference early this year, in view of the current screen folding technology and other reasons, the popularity of the folding screen still needs a long way to go. Therefore, we can see that this year's mainstream new machines are still dominated by water drop screen design. Today, we will take a look at the EL D62 water drop screen mobile released by the EL mobile phone brand this year. The price is only one hundred yuan, which is very worth buying.
In order to improve the proportion of front screen, EL D62 also uses a water drop screen design, the screen size is 6.2 inches, but in view of the entry level positioning, the resolution is the same as the same level of red rice 7, Huawei enjoys 9e, are used 720P level resolution. The front 5 million cameras support face unlocking.
In the rear lens configuration, the EL D62 uses the popular rear dual camera, 5 million HD pixel main camera plus 300,000 auxiliary…

EL mobile phone's current cheapest drop screen mobile phone, it is recommended

Nowadays, changing the mobile phone not only needs to pay attention to the configuration and cost performance of the mobile phone, but also the appearance of the mobile phone is also a very important consideration. As an upgrade of Liu Haiping, mobile phones with the appearance of water drop screens have always been very popular. At present, the major mobile phone brand manufacturers in China have launched water-drop screen mobile phones, and even the EL mobile phone brand is no exception. The EL D57, a drop-screen mobile phone launched at the beginning of this year, is called the cheapest drop-screen mobile phone. Take a look at the detailed introduction of this phone.
Appearance, EL D57 uses a 5.7-inch water-screen full screen, resolution of HD + 1440x720 pixels, although this resolution is not clear, but considering the positioning of the low-end machine and the price of less than a thousand dollars, you can still Understand, three sides of the narrow border, the screen accounted fo…

What about EL D58 water screen phone?

EL D58 is the first new EL brand phone released this year that use the water screen design. Here are some of the reviews:
Appearance and workmanship
"Enjoy life" is the concept of EL brand to make mobile phones. Therefore, the appearance of each mobile phone has been studied and polished in great detail. The EL D58 presents a natural beauty, with a teardrop-shaped camera position that gives a harmonious sense of movement. Thanks to the excellent closed mode in the industry, the 5.7-inch full screen has a narrow jaw and accounts for 89% of the overall screen, which makes the visual effect very good.
With the latest glass, the crash resistance and wear resistance are further improved.On the back is 2.5d glass. The camera and flash are placed in the middle of the upper, the overall body is relatively thin, the grip is very good, not slippery, unisex. It keeps the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is all very …

EL 4 new fashion styles of water drop full screen smart phone

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After the notch full-screen display, the hottest thing is the water drop screen. It is also called the water drop full screen. It has been hot welcomed since it was released, which is much better than notch full screen, because of its higher screen ratio, having a better view and visual experience. Recently, the EL mobile phone brand under Kenxinda Group has launched several models of water drop screen. Please follow me to experience the visual impact, coming from the EL water drop screen.

The first EL D57 mobile phone, released in the first half of 2019, the standard option is 5.7-inch water drop screen, and the resolution is up to 1440 × 720 pixels, with pretty appearance. For the performance, it uses the 9nm craft process and MTK6580 processor. For the battery, its battery capacity is up to 2520mAh, which is enough for us to use. It is also worthy to mention that our standard opti…