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Why is the high-value EL D58 worth buying?

Why do people choose a beautiful looking mobile phone when they buy a mobile phone? The first is because the mobile phone with excellent value is extremely attractive, giving people a bright, pleasing look, plus a smooth hardware configuration. Have a powerful and high-value mobile phone? If you are planning to buy a mobile phone with the same value, then the EL D58 is your best choice. First of all, in terms of face value, EL D58 adopts double glass design style, with super reinforced glass on both sides, which has anti-damage and scratch resistance. The frontal water droplets are full of agility and atmosphere. The sleek screen corner further enhances the screen ratio, and the 6.22-inch large-screen mobile phone screen has an 89% and 19:9 ultra-wide visual experience. The back of the fuselage has 10 layers of nanoscale optical coating, giving the glass a rich illusion layer and reflecting light and shadows from different angles. People want to have it as soon as they see it.

Two mobile phone brands under the EL mobile phone brand, another beauty of the full screen

As we all know, today's water drop screen is a full-screen evolution. It refers to the non-display area and the size of water droplets reserved for the camera at the top of the screen. Now more and more mobile phone manufacturers are joining the water-drop screen camp. The screen ratio is higher. Let's take a look at the two water-screen mobile phones under the EL mobile phone brand. Which one would you like? First: EL D57 In terms of appearance, the EL D57 is equipped with a 5.71-inch IPS water-drop screen with a resolution of 480x1014. Its narrow side frame and chin also make the screen ratio as high as 89%. At the same time, the bucking of the protective material of the Asahi has also made the product's ability to resist falling a lot. EL D57 equipped with MTK6580A processor, memory standard 1GB RAM + 16GB ROM, camera, front camera pixel up to 5 million, rear dual camera, the main camera pixel is 5 million, the sub-camera 300,000. It can be seen that the