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EL D62 this phone value burst table, water drop screen, light body!

Recently, EL mobile phones have received attention from everyone. In this year, several mobile phones released by EL mobile phone brands, water drop screen, light-sensing body is undoubtedly the biggest bright spot. These mobile phones released by EL are born for elegance. The luster is not dim, no doubt. Next, we will introduce the EL D62's large screen water drop screen mobile phone. Although the appearance of this phone is not much different from the EL D57 and EL D58, it is especially good with the EL D63 in terms of screen size. The real full-screen era is coming, and Xiaobian has a soft spot for the drop screen. Even if Xiaobian himself is a critically ill person with obsessive-compulsive disorder, when she sees the drop screen of the EL D62 mobile phone, it is a shock from the heart. The EL mobile phone is so smart, giving the mobile phone vitality! On this 6.2-inch screen, the screen ratio is as high as 89%. Whether it is playing games or chasing dramas, opening

EL mobile phone's current two cheapest water-drop screen phones, cost-effective

Since the birth of notch screen, domestic mobile phone manufacturers seem to have got inspiration, thinking of a full screen and a solution to the front of the earpiece. So there are more and more full-screen phones, and the proportion of mobile phones has become more and more strange from 4:3, 16:9. After a period of time, the consumer finally couldn ’ t get used to it. It ’ s ugly to look at the black bangs. Later, in order to alleviate the aesthetic fatigue of consumers, the "drop screen" came into being. The water drop screen is not a screen material. Unlike OLED and amoled, he is a design process, and he is born to pursue the ultimate screen. Usually the drop screen area only retains one front camera, so it is different from notch screen. More like a drop of water, a better look also makes the screen display a larger range. This year, EL mobile phones have released four water-dropping mobile phones in succession, namely EL D57, EL D58, EL D62, EL D63. Two of t

Water drop screen into a full-screen trend, EL D62 mobile phone is worth buying

Although the folding screen mobile phone became the focus of users at the MWC conference early this year, in view of the current screen folding technology and other reasons, the popularity of the folding screen still needs a long way to go. Therefore, we can see that this year's mainstream new machines are still dominated by water drop screen design. Today, we will take a look at the EL D62 water drop screen mobile released by the EL mobile phone brand this year. The price is only one hundred yuan, which is very worth buying. In order to improve the proportion of front screen, EL D62 also uses a water drop screen design, the screen size is 6.2 inches, but in view of the entry level positioning, the resolution is the same as the same level of red rice 7, Huawei enjoys 9e, are used 720P level resolution. The front 5 million cameras support face unlocking. In the rear lens configuration, the EL D62 uses the popular rear dual camera, 5 million HD pixel main camera plus 3

EL mobile phone's current cheapest drop screen mobile phone, it is recommended

Nowadays, changing the mobile phone not only needs to pay attention to the configuration and cost performance of the mobile phone, but also the appearance of the mobile phone is also a very important consideration. As an upgrade of Liu Haiping, mobile phones with the appearance of water drop screens have always been very popular. At present, the major mobile phone brand manufacturers in China have launched water-drop screen mobile phones, and even the EL mobile phone brand is no exception. The EL D57, a drop-screen mobile phone launched at the beginning of this year, is called the cheapest drop-screen mobile phone. Take a look at the detailed introduction of this phone. Appearance, EL D57 uses a 5.7-inch water-screen full screen, resolution of HD + 1440x720 pixels, although this resolution is not clear, but considering the positioning of the low-end machine and the price of less than a thousand dollars, you can still Understand, three sides of the narrow border, the scre

What about EL D58 water screen phone?

EL D58 is the first new EL brand phone  released this year that use the water screen design. Here are some of the reviews: Source: Appearance and workmanship "Enjoy life" is the concept of EL brand to make mobile phones. Therefore, the appearance of each mobile phone has been studied and polished in great detail. The EL D58 presents a natural beauty, with a teardrop-shaped camera position that gives a harmonious sense of movement. Thanks to the excellent closed mode in the industry, the 5.7-inch full screen has a narrow jaw and accounts for 89% of the overall screen, which makes the visual effect very good. With the latest glass, the crash resistance and wear resistance are further improved.On the back is 2.5d glass. The camera and flash are placed in the middle of the upper, the overall body is relatively thin, the grip is very good, not slippery, unisex. It keeps the 3.5mm headphone jack, which i

EL 4 new fashion styles of water drop full screen smart phone

Source from: After the notch full-screen display, the hottest thing is the water drop screen. It is also called the water drop full screen. It has been hot welcomed since it was released, which is much better than notch full screen, because of its higher screen ratio, having a better view and visual experience. Recently, the EL mobile phone brand under Kenxinda Group has launched several models of water drop screen. Please follow me to experience the visual impact, coming from the EL water drop screen. The first EL D57 mobile phone, released in the first half of 2019, the standard option is 5.7-inch water drop screen, and the resolution is up to 1440 × 720 pixels, with pretty appearance. For the performance, it uses the 9nm craft process and MTK6580 processor. For the battery, its battery capacity is up to 2520mAh, which is enough for us to use. It is also worthy to mention that our standard

What we think about EL Y30 Camera

The EL Y30 smartphone is one of the latest additions to the line-up of EL smartphones available in Nigeria. Few days after the launch, we gave you a first impression article and a video where we briefly touched on the key specifications of the device. Now we have a full review detailing the experience with the camera, its AI technology, performance and functionality. Summary of its Key Features 8MP + 5MP back camera, 8MP front camera The display size of 5.7 inches with 1440x720pixels resolution 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage 3000 mAh battery Android 9 Pie operating system The Camera When I think of camera when it comes to EL devices, I think of the EL Camon line of smartphones. It is well known that EL emphasizes camera action on the Camon series, but it looks like the EL Y30 is stealing some of that spotlight. Equipped with the latest AI Technology, the success of K30 is predicted to surpass that of its predecessors. K30 takes photography to a whole new level as it is a by

EL D57 render leaked

It is reported by Tech For Tech , which posts a piece of news " EL D57 renders leaked - Cost-effective entry-large droplets full-screen phone! " With the rising price of smartphones today, it is becoming more and more difficult to find a cost-effective low-end smartphone with a great experience and an affordable price. We can't help but ask: Do all low-end phones only mean compromises? Just today renders of a cost-effective low-end smartphone surfaced, claiming to change the face of the low-end smartphones in 2019. It comes from the EL Mobile based in Shenzhen, China, and the model name being D57. Let us take a sneak peek! The screen has always been the top priority of the smartphone experience. EL D57 spares no expense, using a 5.7-inch high-quality IPS screen on this low-end machine with a resolution of 1440x720 HD+ Resolution. For the specific visual experience, we need to get our hands-on the EL D57 to know more, but there is no doubt that in terms of the screen,

EL D63 Launched with 6.22-inch full screen

The New El D63 comes with 3 cameras – one front-facing camera and two rear-facing cameras. Asides this, there is also a 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, a massive 3250mAh battery and the latest Android operating system – Android 9.0 Pie. Design And Display EL D63 has a 6.22-inch FHD display and a 1520 x 720 screen resolution on top for screen protection. The device also has a 19:9 aspect ratio and an 89% screen to body ratio. There is a notch in the front and with a 5MP front-facing camera. At the back of the device are two cameras with an LED flash. The body of the device is made up of Metal + Glass and comes in three colors. Hardware and Software Inside the device is a MediaTek MTK 6739 with a Quad-core processor clocking speeds of up to 1.5GHz. For multitasking, there is a 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage and if that isn’t enough, there is a MicroSD Card slot to expand the storage further, up to 128GB. Booting up, you’ll be great with the latest Android 9.0 Operating S

EL 6P real photos emerge

About 3 months ago, we had some information about the EL 6p that is already on the market. Since then, no other news was made available, hinting at the cancellation of the production. But today, some light was shed to the mystery as real photos of the device were leaked online. EL 6P resembles the 6C in terms of design and to make it distinguishable, it seems that the Chinese manufacturer decided to equip it with a gradient color on the back, similar to Huawei P20 Series and UMIDIGI Z2 Series. The difference is that the color changes in the horizontal axis instead of the vertical one. Also, the information says that this is not the final result and that it is still under adjusting. Whether this is a legit leak or not will be unveiled soon, as if this a real functioning device, mass production should begin soon. As far as the specs are concerned, previous information said that it will be a rather powerful entry-level phone with MTK 6739 and an 18:9 aspect ratio display. Also, you m

EL Y30 specifications detailed Know every aspect of the device

EL Mobile always tend to focus on new innovative smartphones with high-end specs at affordable pricing. EL Y30 is another device which has received a huge applaud. About a month ago, EL listed the Y30 after details about the specifications and other features of the device. Surprisingly, it has received a massive flow of funding and has even crossed the 201% of its funding goals. EL Y30: Camera Recently, EL launched the flagship camera-centric device. It carries a 13 MP primary camera + 5 megapixels secondary camera on the rear side of the device with a dual LED flash. It has the ability to shot crisp photos even in the low light environment. Its 4-in-1 light fusion technology makes photos more beautiful, clear, bright and contains less noise. On the front side, there’s an 8-megapixel selfie camera. It will allow users to snap vibrant, dazzling selfies.EL has improvised the software which makes the photos even more beautiful. Its both the rear and front cameras are capable of capt