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EL mobile phone's ultra-popular water drop screen, the design is eye-catching, are you throb?

Today's mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our life, in order to capture the market faster and attract consumers, manufacturers will continue to introduce different models to attract consumers' attention. Then, the latest two water drop screens of the EL mobile phone brand are also very popular. The design of the water drop screen makes people feel very novel and curious, so in the latest two water drop screen models of the EL mobile phone , which one will make you feel throbbed? Let's first tell the origin of the water drop screen for everyone. We all know that as time goes by, Liu Haiping's drawbacks are increasingly exposed. Many people think that Liu Haiping is very ugly and will cover a part of the content, which makes people feel aversion to Liu Haiping, so the water drop screen will follow. Come here. The water drop screen is not the material of the screen. It is a solution designed to solve the full screen. The main feature of the water