Do you know what waterdrop screen phone the EL has? EL water drop screen mobile phone recommended

    With the continuous development and advancement of technology, today's mobile phones have changed better in all aspects than before. Most mobile phones on the market can meet the needs of users, and mobile phone manufacturers add more attractive features to their products in order to make their products more competitive.
As far as the screen of the EL mobile phone. In 2018, the screen of the mobile phone changed from a bangs screen at the beginning to a full screen, and then a waterdrop screen was introduced. The waterdrop screen is also called a full screen of water droplets. It is not a screen glass material. Instead, it is named after the shape and craft. It is a mobile phone display solution that is used right above the screen of the mobile phone for the pursuit of the ultimate frame.
It is named because the top of the screen is the non-display area and water droplets reserved for the camera, and the shape is also like the water droplets that are about to fall. I have to say that the "waterdrop screen" style is much better than bangs screen, and it is very unique. Here are some new mobiles that use the water drop screen under the EL mobile phone. If interested, friends you can pay attention to it.

EL D57
The EL D57 mobile phone presents a natural beauty, and the front camera position is designed with a drop-shaped design, giving a very harmonious movement. The 5.7-inch IPS full screen, due to the adoption of the industry's higher closed mode, makes the chin narrower, the overall screen ratio is as high as 89%, the visual effect is very good.
The EL D57 is equipped with 1GB of running memory and 8GB of body storage. These speeds are currently relatively fast! Although the processor used is MediaTek MTK6580, it is still very good in terms of comprehensive performance. In daily applications, including playing games, there is no obvious difference. Pixel aspect EL D57 is equipped with a rear 5 million + 300,000-pixel dual camera, front 2 million pixel camera F2.0 aperture, you can be beautiful and natural! And the EL D57 phone also uses three unlocking methods to make the phone safer and more convenient.

EL D58
The EL D58 phone uses a drop-screen design, and the experience is extremely impressive. It comes standard with a 5.7-inch display. This screen is still very good, and the screen ratio is as high as 89%. Secondly, the performance of the MKT6580 processor, there is the battery, built-in 2520mAh battery, it is still quite good. Finally, everyone cares about memory. This EL D58 mobile phone memory also comes standard with 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM memory combination. This memory is believed to have met the needs of all of us, and if you have a soft spot for this EL D58, you still can order it.

EL D62
The EL D62 phone is also a waterdrop screen with a screen size of 6.22 inches, which is very consistent with the trend of 2019. We all know that EL has been pursuing both screen ratio and border from the beginning to the present. This EL D62 also has a high screen ratio of up to 89%. Secondly, it uses the MTK6739 processor and comes standard. With 2GB and 16GB of storage space, the battery is 3000mAh, which is also very perfect. It is a mobile phone with better cost performance.

EL D63
The EL D63 mobile phone has a screen size of 6.22 inches and the screen meets the needs of the public. The screen ratio is as high as 89.25%. In order to retain the front space to the screen, EL D63 is the most refined, many users buy because of these two points, the camera is completely assured of EL D63, this phone is the main focus is the camera, battery life and appearance, mobile phone With a battery capacity of up to 3,250 mAh, you don't have to worry about no electricity when you go out to play. So this EL D63 phone is worthy of your attention.


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