Don't worry about buying a mobile phone. At present, the four EL drop screen mobile phones that are worthy of the start .So are you using them?

Nowadays, after notched, the hottest thing is the water drop screen mobile phone. The water drop screen is also called the full screen of the water drop screen. It has been loved by everyone since it was released. It is much better than notched because it can further increase the screen ratio. When we use the phone, we have a better view and a better visual experience. Let's share with you the 4 most popular water-dropping mobile phones that are currently worthy of EL mobile phones. Are you using them?

The first EL D57 mobile phone comes standard with a 5.7-inch water drop screen, and the resolution is up to 1440×720 pixels. The appearance value is very charming, and the performance is 9nm process technology, MTK6580 processor. Battery, battery capacity up to 2520mAh, enough for us to use, it is worth mentioning that 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM storage space comes standard. The rear dual camera makes the EL D57 a better smart phone. For the low-end phones, the overall configuration of the EL D57 is still quite good, and it can still be started.

The second EL D58 mobile phone uses a water drop screen design, which is very impressive. It comes standard with a 5.7-inch display. This screen is still very good, and the screen ratio is as high as 89%. Secondly, the performance of the MKT6580 processor, there is the battery, built-in 2520mAh battery, it is still quite good. Finally, everyone cares about memory. This EL D58 mobile phone memory also comes standard with 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM memory combination. This memory is believed to have met the needs of all of us, and if you have a soft spot for this EL D58, you can still start.

The third EL D62 phone, the same water drop screen, screen size of 6.22 inches, very consistent with the trend of 2019. We all know that EL has been pursuing both screen ratio and border from the beginning to the present. This EL D62 also has a high screen ratio of up to 89%. Secondly, it uses the MTK6739 processor and comes standard. With 2GB and 16GB of storage space, the battery is 3000mAh, which is also very perfect. It is a mobile phone with better cost performance.

The fourth EL D63 mobile phone, the screen size is 6.22 inches screen, the screen meets the needs of the public, the screen ratio is as high as 89.25%. In order to retain the front space to the screen, EL D63 is the most refined, many users buy because of these two points, the camera is completely assured of EL D63, this phone is the main focus is the camera, battery life and appearance, mobile phone With a battery capacity of up to 3,250 mAh, you don't have to worry about losing your phone when you go out to play. So this EL D63 phone is worthy of your attention.


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