The cost-effective mobile phone of EL brand, there is always a suitable for you.

Nowadays, people's lives have become increasingly inseparable from mobile phones. The dependence of users on mobile phones has in turn made mobile phones update faster and faster. Every year, the mobile phone market will have a large number of new mobile phones. These new mobile phones are not only more attractive in appearance, but also more functional.
Today, the four mobile phones that EL introduced to you are new machines that have just been released this year, and they are very popular among consumers. These phones are very cost-effective in terms of configuration. Now let's take a look at the "unique" of these phones.
On the screen, the EL D57 and EL D58 use a 5.7-inch full-screen design with a screen that accounts for 89% of the screen and an ultra-wide 18:9 visual experience that produces vibrant and realistic colors. The EL D62 and EL D63 use a full screen of 6.22 inches of water, the D62 screen accounts for 89%, and the D63 screen accounts for 89.25%. The screen ratio is 19:9, which is the current popular large-screen super-wide design, and the appearance is also available in a variety of colors  which satisfy the needs of the public.
In terms of configuration, the EL D57 and EL D58 are equipped with the MTK6580 quad-core processor with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. The memory can be expanded to 64GB, while the EL D62 and EL D63 are equipped with the efficient MTK6739 quad-core processor, equipped with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. The performance is further improved, the efficiency is fast, and the smooth experience is very popular among users. And it also supports dual card dual standby, memory also supports expansion up to 128GB, no need to worry about insufficient memory space.
As for taking pictures, EL D57 and EL D58 are both rear 5 million pixels + 0.3MP dual camera, front 2 million beauty selfie camera, fashion design, advanced style. The EL D62 and EL D63 also have two rear cameras, a 5-megapixel main camera and a 2-megapixel secondary camera with F2.0 large aperture and ultra-fast autofocus. The front-end wide-angle 5 million camera and 4P lens provide better picture quality and are called self-timer artifact.
In terms of battery life, the EL D57 and EL D58 use a high-capacity 2520mAh battery, the EL D62 uses a 3000mAH large-capacity battery, and the EL D63 has a built-in 3250mAh high-capacity battery. It is no exaggeration to say that plus our own power-saving technology these phones can be played all day without charging.
   Above is the 4 newly released EL brand mobile phones recommended for everyone. The configuration of each mobile phone looks almost the same on the surface. But in fact, every phone has its own differences, either here or there. It is these small differences that shape the different styles of each phone. They each have their own bright spots, some have good screens, some have long battery life, and some have great photos function. These characteristics have also become a unique logo on them, you can choose the right mobile phone according to your needs.


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