Will the EL water drop screen become the fashion representative of the mobile phone screen?

  As we all know, in the modern society of the mobile phone industry, the purchase of mobile phones is not only to consider its configuration, but also to watch its appearance, especially now that the comprehensive screen mobile phone is growing, there are many kinds of screen configurations, such as waterdrop screen.

  The water drop screen, also known as the water drop screen, is the name given to the top of the screen for the camera to retain the area and water droplets. The EL mobile phone used the water drop screen design for the first time this year. It can be said that before the water drop screen appeared, Liu Haiping occupied the full-screen market. After the water drop screen appeared, the full screen was divided into two.

  The water drop screen is the crowning touch of a vivid vision. It is a drop of water and a source of vitality. The top curve of the EL waterdrop screen is taken from the moment when the water drop is about to fall. It is between the motion and the static. It is used for the possibility of wireless, instantly waking up the water drop screen and feeling the life dynamics on the screen. Compared with Liu Haiping, the EL waterdrop screen is obviously narrowed at the top non-screen area, which is beneficial to increase the screen screen ratio. In addition, the water drop screen takes up very little space on the screen, and does not affect the signal, time and other logo display at the top of the screen. A lot of people vomiting the bangs, obviously want to be much more beautiful.

  In fact, the EL water drop screen is similar in shape to the beauty, but it is more artistic than the sharp shape of the beauty. Generally, the top of the full-screen mobile phone is a non-display area reserved for cameras, earpieces, sensors, and the like. The water droplets are often hidden earpiece designs, only the front camera is located in the shape of the water droplets, and the shape is also named as the water droplets that are about to fall. I have to say that the "drop screen" style is much better than the beauty tip, it is very unique. I believe that the EL waterdrop screen will become the fashion representative of the mobile phone screen.


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