EL D68 water drop screen mobile phone recommended, is the crowning touch of the vivid world

 We all know that the water drop screen and notched screen are collectively referred to as full screens, but there are also differences. Compared with notched screen, on the one hand, the water drop screen is more beautiful in appearance, in line with people’s aesthetic habits. On the other hand, the water drop screen greatly increases the screen ratio. To make the field of vision more open. The emergence of water-drop screens can be said to be the advancement of industrial design and the advancement of technology. It is these advantages that make the water-drop screen more and more popular, and it has a tendency to replace notched screen. Next, let me take a look at the visual impact of the EL D68, a new water-dropping screen brand under the EL mobile phone brand.

EL D68 uses a 6.088-inch HD+ 19:9 water drop screen, with 1280*600 pixels (HD+) full HD resolution, and the screen ratio reaches an astonishing 89%; the chip is equipped with MTK6739 processor, with standard 3GB+32GB Storage combination. In addition, the EL D68 has a battery capacity of 3600 mAh.

The EL D68 mobile phone also takes photography as a big selling point. The EL D68 is set to a 8 megapixel, The main and secondary cameras are F2.0’s large aperture, which supports OIS optical image stabilization and fast focus. The front is set to 8 million cameras, and the aperture is F2.0, which increases the self-timer experience.

In the past two years, EL mobile phones have been side by side with fashion. In particular, EL mobile phones have been pursuing youth and creativity in their products and positioning. Their series of mobile phones are spread all over the world. The EL D68 water drop screen phone performs well and has always been the norm in terms of price and styling. It is truly the crowning touch of the vivid world.


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